Friday, June 5, 2009

Hello Again

Wow, its been quite awhile since our last post!! April 11th. Where have we been????
Well, still here, enjoying the storming weather. We're doing fine, getting along fine, moving along fine, but I guess nothing to write about. :(
Well, that's not totally true. We've got a first!!!!
The girl's First movie, and our first movie as a family and my first movie in about 5 years!!!!!!!! Yep you read right. Its been roughly 5 years since I've stepped foot inside a movie theater. How you say? Kids is my answer. First I was too pregnant that the thought of sitting that long was unthinkable, plus what if I went into labor! Then just when it got settled down??? pregnant again! Why can't that man leave me alone?! LOL.
So we saw UP. Very cute, the girls enjoyed. Stood, asked questions, made comments - ah movies with kids. So of course, being the geeky parents that we are - we took pics! Kevin paid the next day with his back, but he didn't want to miss out on this first.
The movie? Cute of course. Made me cry in the beginning and of course had the girls asking questions, but a nice little tale - pixar rocks!!!
So hopefully not too long until my next post. I'll try to share more, stay in touch more, keep you up to date on our ordinary lives.

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tnsn4lilmcs said...

Nice to catch up--and trust me, I completely know how easy it is to NOT have a chance to blog. The movie sounds so fun and funny with the girls. I remember some of our first times and how I really thought the kids would be glued to the screen but, as you said, they got up, stood, asked questions, etc. Thanks for bringing back a fun memory.