Saturday, April 11, 2009


Ever have one of those weeks? We did. Now, it wasn't a week you regret or cause you to want to hide under your pillow - but it was a crazy wild week. One thing after the other. Most of it good, one thing - not so good!
First we got to enjoy the Fair totally free!!! Thank you Lord and thank you Aunt Tobe. We paid $4 for a huge lemonade and that was the extend of it. The girls had a blast riding on the kiddie rides, especially Emily. Her favorite, based on the size of her smile, was the Himalayan. It basically went around and up and down, but she had a complete blast. She also enjoyed the roller coaster. I think she'll have to travel with her Aunt Melinda & Uncle K.C. if she wants to do anything more wild than a kiddie coaster - cause this mommy & daddy don't do coasters!

Second event, well this will be short, was my birthday. Love how the girls got gifts on MY birthday. They were picked out for me, but what I was going to do with two princess crowns and a Dora and Princess watch are beyond me?! LOL. And as you can see from the pictures, Katie and my nephew Malachi were anxiously awaiting the cutting of the cake. Thanks to my dad for cooking me a BBQ meal - my sister made amazing wings, and we had a nice time celebrating. There's also a pic of an exhausted Katie who fell asleep watching TV on the chair and a pic of her hair on a very curly day. 

And lastly, the not so good part. We had an Aguirre event. About a week after we moved in, we replaced the carpeting with pergo lament. This Wednesday we stepped on the floor and water gushed up between the seams. Uh, oh! On Thursday Kevin set about ripping up the base boards, quarter round, and flooring - yep major water! But from where?
We thought the toilet (our room shares the wall with the bathroom). My dad removed the toilet, but everything looked okay with the pipes. So what could it be? Maybe the bathtub??? So I filled the tub full of water and then pulled the plug. Within a few seconds a flood of water came through the wall into our room! So it was the tub. After cutting into the drywall and exposing the plumbing that's directly connected to the tub - we discovered the culprit. A HUGE crack in the pipe. So every time water when through that pipe - it came into our room!!! For Three Months!!!!! So in one day Kevin & my dad replaced the toilet, repaired the pipe and by 8pm the bathroom was back in working order.
However, the concrete floor is still moist so we're waiting for it to dry before replacing the flooring. Tomorrow the plan is to cut out any damaged drywall and replace it. The fortunate part of all this is my parents are home on vacation, so Kevin & my dad were able to spend the whole day fixing the issue. Mom and I ran to Home Depot a few times to get the things they needed especially when they used a chiseler to remove the concrete flooring around the pipe so they could remove it. They wore earplugs, we left the house!

So that was our week. Hope your's was just as exciting! LOL. Monday is back to a normal routine - homeschool, housework and the rest. This week already looks promising with a few new things on the horizon. Have a great week and remember HE IS RISEN!!!! God blessings to everyone this glorious day.

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Jescel said...

oh my.. can i borrow your dad and kevin to finish our bathroom? LOL!