Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our Favorite Jon

We had the privilege of watching Jon play soccer this afternoon. The girls were very excited and Kevin took the opportunity to take some pictures with our new telephoto lens. He's a cutie and was a real joy to watch, as you'll see from the variety of his game faces! We especially enjoy the picture of Jon & Emily walking along after the game, like a high-school-jock-with-his-girl moment.

It was a great game and everyone did a great job, even Coach Dave! Don't worry mommy, I'll have a CD for you at church tomorrow. And I thought this was a great shot. (Jon's the one in the middle with his tongue out)


Dave and Vicky said...

Thanks Logans!!
Those are some great shots.

Heredes said...

WOW !! Great shots!

Angry little soccer player huh ?

;) Gotta Love Jon!

All is well here ... keeping busy as usual ... :)

by the way .. love the banner photo to .. cute

Jescel said...

great shots! great lens.